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[RELEASE]Phoenix OS x86 v3.0.2(based on Android 7.1,64bit)11 Jul.
PUBG mouse issue hasn't been fixed, still can't rotate past 360 degrees
(07-12-2018, 04:17 PM)MEMEWW Wrote: PUBG mouse issue hasn't been fixed, still can't rotate past 360 degrees
same here anyone got a fix?
Hi @dante,
Now I use phoenix os 3.0.1 but wifi not working. Can you help me? My model wireless: RLT8723DE. Help me!!!!
(07-11-2018, 05:27 AM)dante Wrote: Hi all. Phoenix OS v3.0.2 was released. welcome to have a try.OTA will release on friday.

Update Detail
- Fixed the mouse acceleration switch irresponsive issue.
- Fixed the issue that you can not switch to shooting mode with certain e-sports moue.
- Upgraded key mapping feature of game assistant, kept up to date with the latest Octopus app. (Remaining known issue: record screen feature not working.)

We advise you to use PhoenixOS Downloader, which could automatically determine to install 32/64 bit according to your device. By default it downloads the latest version of Phoenix OS.(32bit based on 5.1/64bit based on 7.1)
PhoneixOS Downloader


the mouse acceleration bug still exists, now whenever i turn off mouse acceleration the settings keep reverting it back to on!!
The new keymapper has so many bugs. Constantly creating files with different names on the sdcard. There are also various things like advertising in the keymap toolbox. I think there's a virus. AntiVirus application also gives continuous warning. You can check with Dr.Web.

Can you delete screen record functions in cz keymap?
Phoenix OS V3.0.2 Xuwen

Hi, Xuwen. All right. This is Paulo from Monster Games RS.

I came to say that I loved the new version of the Phoenix OS more like I had said in the posts I made in the forum it's time to dedicate yourself on the Gamer side of Phoenix OS here in Brazil there is a lack of people with Low Performance Computers and it's the Perfect moment to enter the Mobile Games Gamer Market and start competing with the Android Emulators that exists here is the Right Moment to start listening to me. I've already done a Full Site in Portuguese for You with My Brand, I'm wasting money that nor do I have to help spread a system that is neither mine nor do I do it to help the people who do not know the Phoenix OS and do not know the potential that it has I would like very much to have capital to invest in the system more I am unemployed and at the moment I do Live Games on Cube TV wanted very much to have the Sponsorship of the Company.

Here are some very Important Tips from a Gamer!

#Application to Show FPS

#Apply Cube TV and DU App Remember "For Streamers of Games to Make Games Live"

#Application to Enhance and Decrease Games Resolution

#Show a Table of Hardware That Are Compatible with Phoenix OS

# Minimal Settings to Run the Games

#Improve even more Octupus for All Games

# Start now to adapt more realistic and simple Games that are Play Store Releases

# Some games that are not yet adapted (ARK: Survival Evolved "New", Creative Destruction "New", Lineage 2: Revolution "New", FiFA Soccer: FIFA Word Cup, NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball, EA SPORTS UFC)
The sensitivity of the mouse is very bad in this version ... Is there any way to fix this problem ???
Yep, mouse acceleration switch bug is still not fixed..
is this update have ssd support?
i found in random site that phoenix does't support trim, and i am afraid in killing my ssd
also i have try version 3.0.1 and don't have problem with mouse acceleration, but in this thread i found guy that still have problem with mouse acceleration, is any different between ver 3.0.1 and 3.0.1?
Hello. Thanks for sharing. Is this possible Xposed install for this version?

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