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[其他]PUBG MOBILE vs Xeon E5450

更多 发布于:2018-04-07 15:41
Hi, please help me :D
I have PC:
CPU: Xeon E5450
Phoenix 64 bit don't run on my PC, 32 bit work, but stuck on black screen after producer logo show.
This is my problem video, please check and answer:
I can run Phoenix 64 bit on my CPU or PUBG MOBILE on 32 bit?
If I can, please tell me how? ;)
Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vvfLXOmvPWc6S20ZIEUMxjaFY_tFzR1c/view?usp=sharing


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You video 404
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发布于:2018-04-08 11:58
i know how to make it work,you need use 3d tools to fake your gpu information
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化神期 · 元老
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发布于:2018-04-08 12:07
64bit latest version phoenix have fixed up black screen problem,
I don't konw why 64bit can't ran in your pc,did it installation failed?
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金丹期 · 高手
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发布于:2018-04-08 14:31
The 64 Phoenix system needs CPU support instruction set sse4.2 or more. The E5450 instruction set is the highest sse4.1.
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筑基期 · 主力
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发布于:2018-04-08 16:06
Ok, my Xeon E5450 have only SSE4.1, I do not allow to run 64bit, but PUBG MOBILE work on 32bit Phoenix or not?
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金丹期 · 高手
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发布于:2018-04-08 19:38
Endriu:Ok, my Xeon E5450 have only SSE4.1, I do not allow to run 64bit, but PUBG MOBILE work on 32bit Phoenix or not?回到原帖
The 32-bit phoenix system has not been updated for a long time, and the 64bit phoenix system has fixed the problem of PUBG MOBILE black screen.
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发布于:2018-10-31 16:49
可以先把视频放到优酷上,然后私信我,你的办法可以解决,我的配置和你详细,我也在搞PUBG MOBILE
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omgNB:You video 404回到原帖
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